11 Hilariously Sad Tweets From Season 2, Episode 16 of “This Is Us”

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Finally, an episode of “This Is Us” without the fear of Jack Pearson’s death was upon us, but of course, it was Jack and Rebecca’s anniversary, leaving us Jack in his rarest, greatest form.

The present day Pearsons headed to Las Vegas for a non-joint bachelor/bachelorette party for Kate and Toby. But, we’re talking about the Pearsons here, so there’s no such thing as these people just letting loose and having a good time together, though they did try.

Beth is the most excited for the Vegas trip, which means she’s going to fall the hardest from that high party horse when Randall decided that he wanted to discuss Deja at the Magic Mike Live strip club. Kate tried to help Beth and Randall’s fight, but of course, she made it about herself somehow. We did finally learn a little bit about Kate and Randall’s relationship– they bonded after their dad died over Hot Pockets and “Sex & The City.” Okay, what?

Back at the Pearson family home, Jack and Rebecca tried to have a non-eventful anniversary, which prompted the Big Three to take over and plan a fancy meal. In the course of having a non-eventful day, Rebecca coined the worst phrase of all-time, “de-jacking,” which means to make Jack act like someone other than himself. Even he was baffled.

Toby finally got his moment with his new brothers, after revealing that his own brother is super awful. But, while he was revealing that Toby offered up some good advice to him and told him to call up Ron Howard and really give it to him– or something. Ol’ Ron tells Kevin that good things are coming for him and he should buy a tuxedo. I’m sorry, is Kevin going to win an Oscar? (And he’s a rich actor, doesn’t he have a tux?)

11 Hilariously Sad Tweets From Season 2, Episode 16 of “This Is Us”:


Oh, I hate to say it, but this tweet is keep it 100.


This is the backstory I want. Who else did Randall convince to go to college?


We don’t want Beth to take ecstasy, but it’s kind of nice to hear her say such a terrible thing. ​


Weird, but fine.


Right? Rebecca isn’t always great, right? She kind of makes Jack do a lot of work.


And there it is.


This is actually an interesting link– we need more backstory on Jack’s youth to see how he handled appliances in his youth.


Agreed. Never been more right.


Actual footage of Randall.


No from me dawg.


But, no one died!