Tim McGraw: Shotgun Rider


Tim McGraw‘s newest single is a bit different than the instant classic, “Meanwhile Back at Mama’s.”

“Shotgun Rider” is as sweet as can be, but with a different approach. McGraw is looking for a special someone to ride shotgun with him. He doesn’t want to wake up next to just anyone  and he especially doesn’t want to sing along in the car with any ole gal. It’s got to be his one and only “Shotgun Rider.”

McGraw originally introduced this song on “The Tonight Show” earlier this year, but it’s the third single off his upcoming album, Sundown Heaven Town.

Though this song seems to have the classic undertones of bro-country and girls in a truck, it definitely offers up more depth than meets the eye (or ear) and is very personal and reminiscent of McGraw’s early hits.

Be looking to ride shotgun on this for months to come.