Tina Fey and Jimmy Fallon Give Bruno Mars the Barbershop Quartet Treatment

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Bruno Mars is a hit machine. His music is fun and infectious, and capable of making the stuffiest music hater to dance. But, how much of his music is built on his personality? If you stripped away the beat, the bass groove, and his attitude what would you be left with? Answer: Jimmy Fallon’s barbershop quartet, The Ragtime Gals.

The crooners covered Mars’ “That’s What I Like” on “The Tonight Show” resulting in a frank and blunt version of Bruno’s preferences.

The singing is impressive even though it’s a far cry from the diminutive star’s intention. It’s a little less than seductive. We know that Fallon can sing, but I was impressed by Fey’s chops! She does have a musical on the way. Is there anything she isn’t good at? Probably not.