Tina Fey’s Daughter Thinks “30 Rock” is Weird, Loves “Parks and Rec”


Without any doubt, Tina Fey is one of the funniest, smartest humans alive. So, it’s safe to say that her kids will probably have a decent sense of humor. Or, maybe more than decent.

After Fey left “Saturday Night Live,” she went on to create and star in “30 Rock,” but her daughter Alice isn’t exactly into it. Fey told her BFF Seth Meyers that Alice watched all of “The Office” this summer and asked her for advice on what to watch next.

Fey told her, “well, you’re 12 now. A lot of people like ’30 Rock’.”

Alice watched it and told her, “it’s too weird for me.”

When Fey told her to give “Parks and Rec” a try, Alice told her, “oh, I already watched that.”


And yes, Alice won made an appearance in a “30 Rock” episode as a young Liz Lemon.