The Couple Who Flirted On Tinder For 3 Years Enjoyed Hawaii And “Hopes To Cross Paths Again” (That Doesn’t Sound Good)


Kent State students and Tinder super-couple Josh Avsec, 22, and Michelle Arendas, 21 finally made it to Hawaii but it wasn’t the fairytale trip some imagined. Good Morning America tagged along with the pair, recording their conversations and setting up interviews along the way. Not my idea of a romantic getaway. Even so, they seem to have had a good time and are sure their paths will cross back home.

To be fair, their paths never crossed in the three years they texted back and forth while attending the same college.

In their interview, they had only kind things to say about one another, but had not discussed the possibility of date #2. The only photo to show up on either of their social media accounts was about as far from a couple picture as you could get while showing both people in the same frame.

IT seems as though they had fun and enjoyed the ride but might be ok with just being friends. It’s not the Nicholas Sparks ending we hoped for, but hey, that’s life.