The “Today” Show Introduced Their Newest (and Cutest) Addition and Our Hearts Are Bursting


For the third time, the “Today” show has officially taken in a puppy with a purpose, and he’s pretty much the cutest thing we’ve seen in a really long time.

According to “Today,” the new puppy (name TBD) will be trained as a guide dog through the Guide Dog Foundation. For 16 months, he’ll spend time with “Today” and guide dog mobility instructor Olivia Poff. After 16 months, he’ll serve as a guide dog for a visually impaired teen.

The “Today” hosts got to meet the puppy for the first time on live television, and were joined by the puppy’s four siblings who will be heading to NBC stations in Boston, Baltimore, Atlanta, and Los Angeles to learn the skills they need to be service/support dogs.

As you’d imagine, the hosts instantly went into baby-talk mode when the puppy entered, and to be honest we were only mildly concerned that Savannah Guthrie might squeeze the little guy to death– but it’s obvious he’s going to be a perfect fit at “Today!” Hims would be a perfect fit anywhere, though, because LOOK AT HIM.

We have a feeling we’ll be seeing a lot of puppy selfies for the next 16 months, and we’re not mad about it.

You can vote for what the puppy’s name should be on the “Today” website— the official name will be announced on Tuesday, February 27.