Tonya Harding Tried to Teach Producer Andy from “The Ellen Show” How to Skate and You Might Like Tonya Harding Now


Since 1994, Tonya Harding has been the butt of every Olympic joke imaginable after her ex-husband and a counterpart clubbed Nancy Kerrigan’s knee outside of the US Figure Skating Championship prior to the Olympic Games in Lillehammer. Eventually, Tonya was found guilty of trying to hinder the investigation into the attack and was banned from the US Figure Skating Association for life. She did compete in the ’94 Games, but you know, her routine was basically over before it started because of a bad shoestring on her skate.

Now, all these years later, there’s a critically-acclaimed movie out about her, “I, Tonya,” which tells her side of every story you’ve ever read about her and well, it seems like Tonya is a little softer than we all assumed. So soft that she willingly took “The Ellen Show” producer, Andy to the skating rink for a little skating lesson.

And here’s the thing– Tonya can still skate, but because she can’t be near USFSA events, she doesn’t coach. If you can’t take your team to a competition, why coach?

Anyway. Andy isn’t trying to compete, so this is actually perfect.

Prior to taking the ice, Tonya reminded us, “I’m the first American woman to ever do the triple axel.” She also told Andy she was going to help him skate as safely as possible, something Ellen rarely takes into account when sending him to do things.

By the time they got on the ice, Tonya really started showing off and was actually super encouraging to Andy to which he said, “no one has ever been this encouraging to me in my life.” But, then, when he asked what kind of score he might earn she said, “Maybe, 0.01?”

Eventualy, by the time Andy donned an actual skating outfit, he said, “I’ve never felt worse about myself in my life,” as Tonya stood on the ice laughing hysterically.