Jason Aldean Shared A Video Of Tyler Farr Twerking And We Can’t Even Begin To Handle It


FOMO- the fear of missing out. We have it.

Jason Aldean shared a video of his buddy Tyler Farr dancing to Cardi B at a house party and, not only are we laughing hilariously, but we cannot imagine anywhere else we’d want to be more than sitting on a kitchen counter watching Tyler Farr try to twerk to Cardi B.

Obviously, dude is struggling. He knows it, waving the single-finger salute to the camera once he sees he is being filmed. In the reflective bar tile, you can see the Aldeans sitting on a counter watching and filming Tyler, just like anyone of us would.

But I can’t help but wonder, how is this not waking up the baby? That song is L-O-U-D. I also think I can hear someone dragging a bag full of bowling balls in the background.

Who knows. Pass the whiskey, Tyler.

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when the spirit moves a grown man. 😳 @tylerfarr

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