11 (More) Most Obscure and Underrated Movies on Netflix Right Now


In this day and age, Netflix is most widely known for the plethora of addictive TV shows it releases each month.

And, I mean, I get it. With shows like “Orange is the New Black,” “Stranger Things,” “OA,” “House of Cards,” “Black Mirror” and more, their reputation as a series-streaming destination is accurate.


But, let me assure you, the popular streaming service is still the No. 1 destination for premium movies.

Right this second, Netflix is hosting a laundry list of notable and highly underrated films — and, I can almost promise that you haven’t seen many of them.

11 (More) Most Obscure and Underrated Movies on Netflix Right Now:

1. “TiMER”

The concept of this movie is haunting. And honestly, I can see the “TiMER” being a thing in the near future.


2. “The Double”

This is one of the most unique movies I’ve seen in a while. Not only is the concept totally unvisited, but the way “The Double” is shot is absolutely mesmerizing.


3. “Operator”

First off — Mae Whitman is brilliant (and adorable) in this movie.

But, the storyline is what makes “Operator” notable. It’s incredibly unique, and it will probably make you feel convicted about your reliance on technology.


4. “Girlfriend’s Day”

Okay, so the concept of this movie is pretty weird — but, super enjoyable. Basically, this society tries to make “Girlfriend’s Day” a holiday, and it blows up in their faces.


5. “How I Live Now”

This is a classic coming-of-age story, with an unexpected twist. In some ways, it feels like two genres — chick flick and dark action — melded into one, cohesive concept.

It’s exciting, unexpected and will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Oh, and Saoirse Ronan is brilliant.


6. “We Need To Talk About Kevin”

This is one of those movies that haunted my thoughts for a long time.

A movie about a mother struggling to love and deal with her strange son, “We Need To Talk About Kevin” visits a storyline that plays on your biggest fears.

It’s a must-watch.


7. “Miss Stevens”

This simple film is about a teacher who’s trying to find herself, while helping students find themselves. It’s beautiful, honest and a great depiction of the human spirit.


8. “Drinking Buddies”

I’m going to be honest — this movie is a little slow. But, it’s a perfect depiction of the ups and downs and ins and outs of friendship. Because of that, I applaud it.


9. “Heathers”

This is classic, but it’s often (wrongfully) forgotten.


10. “Zack and Miri Make a Porno”

As you can probably tell by the title, this movie is about a porno.. but honestly, “Zack and Miri Make a Porno” is good, (mostly) clean fun.


11. “Remember Me”

Honestly, I had doubts about this movie because Robert Pattinson, but it was surprisingly good and surprisingly poignant. Instead of being the light, fluffy rom-com I expected, “Remember Me” was a beautifully structured, engaging masterpiece.