A Canadian Company Ranked US States By How Polite They Are And Southern States Rank Really Low


We know that Canadians are polite, but that doesn’t mean they are nice. A Canadian cloud accounting firm called FreshBooks ranked every state according to how polite they are and, we would assume, that the South would rank the highest.

Between our Southern charm, the manners our mothers drilled into us at a young age, and general hospitality you would think the top ten would all be from the South. But that just isn’t the case. In fact, one Southern state is considered the least polite state in the Union.

FreshBooks analyzed how often states use the terms “please” and “thank you” in invoices and documentation. That’s manners 101. Sadly, Southerners seem to have forgotten it.

#50. The least polite states: Tennessee and Utah

Woof. The Volunteers are having a tough year.

#48. Mississippi and New Hampshire

Only 7 percent of Mississippi and New Hampshire invoices were polite.

#46. West Virginia, New Jersey, Illinois and Delaware

#42. New York, Nebraska and Arizona

#39. South Dakota, New Mexico, Vermont, Pennsylvania, Montana, Indiana, Louisiana, and Idaho

That’s 3 Southern states in the bottom 20.

#31. Michigan, Maine, Virginia and Kentucky

Still, only 11 percent of communication was polite.

#27. Connecticut, Missouri, Florida, Hawaii, Alaska, California, South Carolina, Oregon, Maryland, Arkansas, and Iowa

#16. Nevada and North Dakota

Two pretty nondescript states with generally polite people.

#14. Kansas, Wyoming, Georgia, and Washington State

#10. Colorado, Texas, Minnesota, and North Carolina

Hi, welcome to Texas where the people are at least as polite as they are in Minnesota.

#6. Wisconsin

#5. Massachusetts

#4. Rhode Island

#3. Ohio

The top 3 double as Football rankings.

#2. Alabama

Alabama, still leading the SEC.

# 1. Oklahoma

Yup, and by a landslide. Oklahomans are 49 percent more polite than Alabama. That’s a crazy margin.

The South right now:


This whole poll, though, is just plain rude. I reject it. Fake News.