Original Disneyland Blueprint Drawn By Walt Disney Sells For 1,000 Times Higher Than Estimated Value

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A hand-drawn map of Disneyland drawn by Walt Disney himself sold for a whopping $708, 000, more than one thousand times its estimated value.

The map was drawn by Walt Disney and Herb Ryman over one weekend in 1953 for a presentation to potential Disneyland investors. It was an audaciously ambitious plan, especially for 1953. At that time, there were no amusement parks as we know them and no guarantee that people would want to visit characters they had seen in the movies. The map is what Disney dreamed his park could be and looks more like Jurassic Park than the Disneyland we know today. The park opened July 17, 1955.

The estimated value of the map was between $700-$900. The opening bid was $500K. Does this map lead to buried treasure. Did Nicholas Cage buy the map? Is he going to steal the Declaration of Independence!?

But seriously, that’s a lot of cash for a map.

The auction also sold a plethora of Disney artifacts from the early days of the park.