Warren Beatty’s Best Picture Mix-Up at the Oscars Was the Most Uncomfortable Thing to Ever Happen on TV


If you fell asleep towards the end of the 89th Annual Academy Awards because it was late or you were bored or maybe you were just tired, you probably woke up very confused.

As the cast and crew of “La La Land” took the stage to celebrate their win for Best Picture, the stage became increasingly chaotic. Warren Beatty, Hollywood icon, had taken the wrong envelope. Backstage production assistants knew it and according to the LA Times, a stagehand even exclaimed, “Oh … Oh my god, he got the wrong envelope.”

From there the moment was as uncomfortable as it could be. The “La La Land” cast was stunned and confused, the “La La Land” producers were gracious and kind, host Jimmy Kimmel tried to be funny, Beatty wanted to explain himself.

Turns out, Beatty grabbed a card that had Emma Stone’s name on it. He was confused, but read “La La Land.” He wasn’t trying to be funny. Which is good, because he wasn’t funny.

Eventually, the award was handed over to the “Moonlight” crew, but unfortunately, the damage was done.

Beatty created the most uncomfortable moment in Hollywood history.

Even in still images, you can see the awkwardness on everyone’s faces.