Presidents Washington and Jefferson Defended Their Honor on SNL and Made a Few Good Points

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As the country seems to be diving into a deeper and deeper canyon of division, President Donald Trump has continually compared Robert E. Lee to Founding Fathers George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. The comparison came after the removal of Lee’s statue in Charlottesville, Virginia sparked a protest by white nationalists over the weekend, which eventually erupted into violence and left one counter-protester dead.

To defend their legacies Washington and Jefferson visited “Saturday Night Live” and the Weekend Update desk.

As Washington began to mention all of the ways he is different from Lee, host Michael Che pointed out that he owned slaves, which is when Jefferson came to the table.

Washington: “About this whole Robert E. Lee thing, I’m nothing like that guy. I created this country. He tried to tear it apart. I rebelled against England. He rebelled against America. Him, bad. Me, the Founding Father, the original dad. Who’s your daddy? Me! I’m out.”

Che: “There was one thing about you that wasn’t so great…I think the issue is that you and Robert E. Lee both owned slaves.”

Washington: “Right, that was bad. That was wrong. But if you want to talk about owning slaves you should really talk about Thomas Jefferson,” he said.

Jefferson: “You’re going to throw me under the carriage like that? You’re going to make me the slave guy? Really?”

Che: “Look, President Jefferson, you did own slaves, too.”

Jefferson: “Look, we’ve all done bad things, but the difference between us and Robert E. Lee is that we also did good things. Like I wrote the Declaration of Independence.”

Washington: “Not to be a jerk, but I won my war.”

Jefferson: “And I’m sorry Robert E. Lee, but I prefer generals who win wars.”