Watch Sara Evans Court Taylor Swift for a Duet


Sara Evans Taylor Swift

We are loving Sara Evans’ sound and style, especially when she’s outfitted head to toe in Country Outfitter! While we are crushing on Sara, it looks like Sara is wooing Taylor Swift into a duet. In Evans’ latest “Simply Sara” webisode, Evans professes her admiration for the young Swift and suggests they record a song together.

Evans wrote and performed a song on the spot! You’ll want to tune in for the never-before-on-radio, “It’s Not What You Don’t Do, It’s What You Do Do.” With some clever editing of clips from Swift on “Ellen,” Evans may be one step closer to sharing a stage with Swift. Who knows if that will happen, but when Evans moved on to a cover of Swift’s “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” we couldn’t help but think these two would be even better together.

Would you listen to an Evans/Swift duet?