Wendy’s Announces It’s Favorite Movies Of The Year And They’re Not What You Would Think

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It’s an interesting question: if your favorite fast food restaurant was a person, what would their favorite movie be? McDonald’s feels like they are really into the “Despicable Me” series. But Wendy’s? Take your best guesses, but know they will probably be wrong. They recently named their favorite movies of the year on Twitter and the choices surprised a lot of people.

It all started with a tweet (but isn’t that how every story starts these days?):

The fast food chain, who is known for their active and often sassy social media presence, was quick to respond. But their answer was not what you might expect from a fast food restaurant. They like the artsy stuff.

No big blockbusters. They lean towards the heartfelt indie films that the Academy Awards love. That being said, Logan was a really, really good superhero movie and people only have great things to say about the others.

The studio behind “Lady Bird” quickly reached out to Wendy’s to get more details on what they liked about the movie.

Whoah, going deep over here.

The film review website Rotten Tomatoes also wanted to hear from Wendy’s.

Well played, Wendy’s. Well played.

But, alas, Wendy’s is not getting into the movie game

Well dang. Bosses ruin everything. But kudos to the intern behind this account for being both clever and thoughtful.