Yes, That Was Me on ‘What Not to Wear’; No, it Didn’t Solve All My Life’s Problems


Every few months or so, I start getting messages on social media from strangers telling me that I’m beautiful. That would probably weird most people out, but to me it just signals that my episode of “What Not to Wear” has aired again on syndication somewhere.

In May 2017, it will be seven years since I taped my appearance (it aired in January 2011). My life has completely changed but, honestly, I haven’t overcome all of the issues we addressed on the show.

The question I’m most asked is “Do you still wear sweatpants to work?”

Well, yes. However, I work from home, so stop judging. For the most part — because I’m not perfect — I try to dress up whenever I’m going out. I try to be put together.

What was the worst part of being on “What Not to Wear“? That god-awful 360 mirror. I still have nightmares about it. Okay, I don’t but couldn’t blame me if I did. They had to turn the air conditioning off when we were in there. Between the lights and the fact that you’ve stuffed three people into a reflective box, I was a sweaty, disgusting mess. I was so hot that it didn’t really even bug me that I was staring in a mirror.

Did you really get $5,000? Yep. Here’s what I spent it on.

Am I over my body issues? No, of course not. I’m a woman. I’ll never be completely happy with my body. That said, what we focused on was my issues with my scars. I’m actually over that. I have scars. Big deal.

I do still struggle with confidence on a daily basis. But, hey, I’m working on it.

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Since the show, my body has changed and so has my style. Sometimes I make good choices and sometimes I do not. I’ve cut my hair, I’ve grown it out. I’ve dyed it dark and then lightened it back up. I’ve changed my appearance with every season of the last seven years.

I didn’t walk away from the show and change my personality. I walked away the same person but on a different path. One of the biggest conversations that I had with Stacy and Clinton off camera was how much I needed a change. They encouraged me to quit my job and move to Los Angeles. With their support, I did.

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Granted, life brought me back to Nashville a year later, but I made a big leap that I probably would’ve have without their encouragement.

Since then, I earned my MFA and I got a book deal. Country Music Hair, country music’s greatest mullets, bobs, beehives, and bouffants collected together in one entertaining volume, illustrated with dozens of color and black-and-white photographs, was released in 2016.

I am grateful to have had the experience of being on “What Not to Wear.” I’m not perfect, but I think the point of the show wasn’t to change the person, but to let them see that they have worth.