Will Ferrell Isn’t Afraid To Answer Any Of Jimmy Fallon’s Questions

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Do you know what birds are made of, or how big the Big Man really is? Will Ferrell does and he’s not afraid to talk about it, either. He can tell which rabbit is the best and who stole the eggs. He’s not afraid to tackle controversial topics like the names of the two firemen. He’s a man without fear. That’s why he’s the man we need to answer the hard questions.

In the heat of hashtag #stachetag, Will Ferrel emerged to play “Think Fast!”, a game that demands sharp wit and rapid responses.

Ferrel had removed his shaggy mustache, meant to celebrate Jimmy Fallon’s “Summer of the ‘Stache“, but the spirits of Sam Elliot and Wilford Brimley remained, giving him the mental acuity and resolve he needed to answer the onslaught of questions coming his way.

America needs a man like him right now. A man who knows why he has late to Jimmy Fallon’s wedding. A man who knows who drank all the coffee. No other man will do.