7 Times Willie Geist Was Our Celebrity Crush on Instagram

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I don’t trust people who watch anything other than “Today” between the hours of 7 and 10 a.m. Sure, there was that whole thing with Ann Curry that almost made me jump ship, but this was also around the time Willie Geist came on the show, so I forgave NBC for this mishandling.

Willie is a happily married man with two kids, but if he isn’t a reason to get up in the morning and watch the news, then there are no reasons to get up and watch the news.

1. The time he dressed like LL Cool J and posed with the Legends.

2. The time Lebron James couldn’t quit smiling at him.

3. The time Selena Gomez asked for his number.

4. The time he wore a beard to hang out with Adele.

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"Hello. It's me."

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5. The time he called Martin Scorsese “Marty.”

6. The time he taught his children a valuable piece of history right there on the spot.

7. The time NBC gave him his own show and he couldn’t decide on a press photo.

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See you this Sunday morning.

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