Willie Nelson vs. Your Grandpa

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We love Willie Nelson and we love grandpas. But admit it, your grandpa is not quite as cool as Willie Nelson. While we don’t advocate all of Willie’s ways, you can’t deny he’s accomplished a lot and continues to do so! Here’s how this county music icon stacks up against your typical grandpa.

Willie Nelson has hair down to his shoulders. Your grandpa has hair ON his shoulders.

Willie Nelson has a black belt in martial arts. Your grandpa has a black belt in his closet.

Willie Nelson throws a red bandana to his fans. Your grandpa blows his nose on a red bandana.

Willie Nelson rides a tour bus out on tour. Your grandpa rides a tour bus to an outlet mall two hours away.

Willie Nelson got audited by the IRS and sold a ton of albums in the name of restitution. Your grandpa got audited by the IRS and paid the fine.

Willie Nelson’s favorite treat is weed. Your grandpa’s favorite treat is a Werther Originals.

At 8pm Willie Nelson is getting ready for a show. Your grandpa is getting ready for bed.

Willie Nelson covered a Cold Play song. Your grandpa wears a shawl because he’s always cold.

Thousands of fans capture images of Willie Nelson on their phones. Your grandpa doesn’t believe there’s a camera in a phone.

Willie Nelson rocks a braid. Your grandpa rocks orthopedic shoes. With velcro.

Willie Nelson plays a Martin guitar worth tens of thousands of dollars. Your grandpa’s name is Martin.

Willie Nelson bragged that he smoked marijuana on the roof of the White House. Your grandpa brags about fixing the roof of his own house.

Willie Nelson is the red headed stranger. Your grandpa just keeps getting stranger.

There’s a street in Austin named Willie Nelson Blvd. You took your grandpa’s keys away.

Willie Nelson once supported a man named Kinky for governor of Texas. Your grandpa was offended.

Willie Nelson has played in concert with Bob Dylan. Your grandpa voted for Bob Dole.

Willie Nelson recently performed on David Letterman. Your grandpa hasn’t seen David Letterman for 15 years.

Willie Nelson has seven children by four different wives. He might just BE your grandpa.

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