5 Worst GRAMMY Performances of All-Time

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As we gear up for the 59th Annual GRAMMY Awards, let’s take a moment to look back at a few performances we’ve all tried to forget about over the year.

5 Worst GRAMMY Performances of All-Time:

1. OutKast // 2004

OutKast’s 2004 performance of “Hey Ya” was so offensive, CBS issued an apology for it.

Not mention, it just sounded terrible. The flailing about didn’t help anything either. OutKast did walk away with three GRAMMYs though.

2. Madonna // 2015

I’m not going to question Madonna’s place in history, but I am going to question her being allowed to make public appearances after this ritual/performance.

You’d think it would be impossible for Madonna to shock anybody, but she sure did it with her devil-worshipping sex ceremony.

3. Taylor Swift // 2010

Let’s start off by saying– since 2010 Taylor Swift has never had a performance like this again. Each and every year, her vocals improve and she’s a superstar for a reason.

This performance must’ve happened right before she hired a vocal coach. At least we know she was singing live.

4. Milli Vanilli // 1990

It’s like they invented lip syncing, got an award for it and disappeared.

5. Nicki Minaj // 2012

Madonna really love it though.