7 Worst One-Hit Wonders of All-Time

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Sometimes, one-hit wonders go down in history as really great songs. Or at least songs that last. But, others– others don’t. They were terrible then and terrible now. They are like scars on pop culture, knick-knacks of our youth mom pulls out to embarrass us. Bad. Just bad.

7 Worst One-Hit Wonders of All-Time:

1. “Mambo No. 5” // Lou Bega

Someone should apologize to women everywhere named Monica, Erica, Rita, Tina, Sandra, Mary and Jessica for this one.

2. “Tubthumping” // Chumbawamba

In the UK, a “tubthumper” is a politician, but it’s hard to see past the lyrics, “pissing the night away.” And all the other lyrics.

3. “Barbie Girl” // Aqua

Mattel sued MCA Records over this song because it’s so bad. Just kidding it was a trademark thing and Mattel claimed the song turned Barbie into a sex object.

4. “How Bizarre” // OMC

What’s most bizarre is that people ever liked this song.

5. “Groove Is in The Heart” // Deee-Lite

The groove is somewhere and it’s not here.

6. “Macarena” // Los del Rio

Maybe the most successful one-hit wonder of all-time, but still– frustrating.

7. “Who Let The Dogs Out” // Baha Men

This song won a GRAMMY, which really makes me question society as a whole. Once this song is in your head, it’s there forever.