Varys Joins Seth Meyers And With Leslie Jones “Game of Thrones” Hilarious Watch Party


I don’t care who you are, you do not love “Game of Thrones” half as much as “Saturday Night Live” cast member Leslie Jones. Jones is that one friend we all have who is super obsessed with GoT who has read the books, lays out maps before every episode, and has a spreadsheet of fan theories that they fact check the entire show. The difference is that she is a hilarious comedian who will have you rolling with her commentary.

||| This is the wall beyond which White Walkers and Spoilers lie. Continue on only if you are brave, informed, or don’t mind having the show spoiled. Comments about how I spoiled the show for you will neither be read nor considered. |||

Seth Meyers likes “Game of Thrones” 1/16 as much as Jones, meaning the most he will ever say while watching it is, “Oh, man. That’s crazy.” Jones makes the episode a stand-up routine.

It was all fun and games until Varys showed up.

The Spider is everywhere and his little birds hear everything.

I dunno, Leslie, I think Varys is on the up and up. Littlefinger, though…that dude is bad news bears.