Wedding Photographer Hid Pennywise In His Sister’s Engagement Pictures Like Any Good Brother Would

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Jesse McLaren is a good photographer and a good brother. He shot his sister’s engagement photos, which came out beautifully, but he couldn’t help pulling a quick prank on her. In the background of every picture, out of focus or peaking around a tree, is Stephen King’s terrifying, shape-shifting clown, Pennywise. And when we say “every picture” we don’t mean “a couple of pictures.” we mean every single picture.

I mean, it’s not the wedding, right? It’s just engagement pictures.

I wonder how long it took her to notice. Two seconds?

Expectation: She will laugh and ask for the unedited versions.

Reality: She kills him.

As someone who has seen “It”, my reaction to seeing Pennywise can be summarized as follows:

But as a person who has a sister, my appreciation of this is through the roof