Young Southerners Try Pickled Pig’s Feet And, Spoiler, It’s Awful


The South has a rich and storied culinary history. but most of what we now know as “Southern food” is the best of what our history has created, or the refined forms thereof. We are proud of slow-roasted pulled pork, but would rather not think of burgoo–a slow roasted stew made up of whatever meat you could find like squirrel, possum, skunk, and raccoon. One of the more recent foods to go by the wayside is pickled pork feet. Our grandparents used to think of them as a delicacy, but if these millennials are any indication, we won’t be trying pickled pigs feet anytime soon.

You can still buy canned pig’s feet in grocery stores but we don’t know why you would unless you were a youth pastor planning a gross-out game for youth group. They are a mixture of gelatinous gristle, flesh, and various other things that should never be eaten.

But what do they taste like? The overwhelming consensus is sweet bacon fat that either melts in your mouth or refuses to be chewed. I understand that in the poor antebellum south a person had to use or consume every part of their livestock in order to survive. Today, you can literally eat better than any king or emperor in history just by going to your local Wal-Mart. Why would you choose pig’s feet?

The best part of this video, in my humble opinion, is that they did not tell the victims what they were eating until they had tried it. Their reactions are pretty incredible.