6 Mashed Potato DOs and DON’Ts You Need To Know


If you’ve never made mashed potatoes from scratch, you might think that it would be hard to mess up. I mean, you take potatoes, mash them, and BOOM, you have mashed potatoes.

But anyone who has tried their hand at making homemade mashed potatoes knows that getting the perfect flavor and consistency can be tricky, especially if you think you’re doing the right thing. These 6 mashed potato do’s and don’ts are easy to remember and will lead to a perfect batch of mashed potatoes every single time. Plus, there’s a few tips for how to remedy your biggest mashed potato struggles. What more could you ask for?

6 Mashed Potato Do’s and Don’ts You Need To Know:

  1. Don’t use waxy red potatoes. Use thick-skinned Russet potatoes instead!
  2. Don’t cut your potatoes too small or they’ll absorb too much water.
  3. Don’t add potatoes to boiling water. Start potatoes in cold water, then boil it from there!
  4. Don’t use cold butter. Instead, make sure your butter is at room temperature.
  5. Don’t use a food processor. Use a masher, fork or ricer instead.
  6. Don’t forget to add salt to the water!