How To Make a Bacon-Wrapped Turkey


What’s better than a traditional Thanksgiving turkey? When it’s wrapped in bacon! This recipe will be a sure fire hit at your Thanksgiving celebration.

How To Make a Bacon-Wrapped Turkey:


  • 12-14 lb. turkey
  • 1 onion
  • 2 medium carrots
  • 1 head garlic
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • 1 lb. bacon
  • 1/3 cup all-purpose flour
  • 4 cups turkey stock
Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. While the oven heats, take a large sheet of parchment paper and put it on your work surface. Arrange half of the bacon strips side-to-side to form a square, then form a lattice by working from the left side to the right, folding back every other strip of bacon the width of a slice, lay a new slice of bacon over the unfolded strips, and return the folded bacon to the original position. Weave the bacon until you have a woven square, then place the parchment paper on a baking sheet and freeze the bacon for about 10 minutes or until firm.
Place your turkey on a cutting board with the legs tied together, then remove the bacon from the freezer and lift it (carefully) from the parchment paper and place it on top of the turkey. Press the bacon down around the bird, covering the breast and legs as much as possible. Season with pepper, then place the turkey on a roasting rack set , scattering the vegetables and giblets around it. Cover the turkey loosely with foil and roast it for 1 1/2 hours, adding water every so often to keep the vegetables moist. remove the foil and continue to roast until a thermometer reads 165 degrees in the thickest part of the turkey (about 1 1/2 hours longer). Carve the turkey, serve with gravy, and enjoy!