Keep Warm This Winter With a Hot Toddy


Winter can really take it out of you. Whether it’s the cold or a cold, my family has always fought either with a hot toddy.

Dewar’s has actually been a tradition to more families than mine:

The simple ingredients – hot water, sugar and lemon – were based on what was available and what allowed the then whisky to become more palatable, since sophisticated blending techniques had not yet been discovered. During the late 1890s, a simple toddy recipe appeared on the back of a bottle of Dewar’s ‘Toddy Whisky,’ which was presumably designed to be mixed into a Hot Toddy. Continuing into the 1930s, Dewar’s used a number of adverts that referred to the medicinal properties of Scotch whisky, including making a hot toddy to ward off the cold. Today, the Hot Toddy remains an essential recipe to John Dewar & Sons, and is crafted with Dewar’s 12 Blended Scotch Whisky and the addition of tea. With a background such as this, and a day to honor the sip, you won’t regret crafting your own right at home.



1 part Dewar’s 12 Blended Scotch Whisky
3 parts hot water
1 tea bag
Honey and lemon juice, to taste


Coat the bottom of a mug or an Irish coffee glass with honey. Add Dewar’s and the lemon juice. On the side, heat water in a tea kettle and add the tea bag to make hot tea. Pour the hot tea into the glass and stir.