7 Recipes To Make Using Only Your Waffle Iron

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If you’re like me, the waffle iron was probably one of the first cooking appliances you were allowed to use by yourself as a kid. You’d (messily) whip up the batter and (again, messily) pour it onto the hot waffle iron, shutting the lid so tight that the batter oozed out the sides (sorry, mom).

Until recently, I had no idea my waffle iron could do more than just make waffles. From gooey, chocolatey brownies to hash browns (yes, hash browns!), your waffle iron is about to get a lot more use.

7 Surprising Things You Can Make In Your Waffle Iron:

  1. Waffle Brownie: 0:03
  2. Waffle Cinnamon Buns 0:30
  3. Waffle Hash Browns: 0:59
  4. Waffle Quesadillas: 1:25
  5. Waffle Omelette: 1:45
  6. Waffle Biscuit: 2:15
  7. Breakfast Wiscuit Sandwich: 2:35