9 Delectable Ways to Eat Fried Chicken


Fried chicken is one of those things that is really hard to mess up. Perhaps that’s why people are so adventurous with it.

If you’re not following SouthernFatty on Instagram, I highly recommend it. He’s based in Nashville and eats the most amazing things. It’s southern food through and through.

And one thing he loves as much as the rest of us is fried chicken. Check out the best ways he’s shared to eat the fan favorite:

1. With a Pickle & Mac and Cheese

2. On French Toast

3. Boa

4. Hot

5. On a Doughnut

6. On a Biscuit

7. On a Waffle

8. As a Waffle Slider

9. As Tenders

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That's right, bitches. I got 'em loaded. 💅🏻

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