How To Recreate Wendy’s Favorite Chocolate Frosty Recipe With 3 Ingredients

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We’ve all had that craving for a chocolate frosty. Regardless of whether or not you really care about Wendy’s food, we all know their chocolate frosty is to die for. Not quite a shake, but not quite ice cream, it’s hard to go wrong with this fast-food favorite. But what exactly is in a frosty?

According to this guy, just chocolate milk, cool whip, and some extra condensed milk (because apparently chocolate milk and cool whip aren’t sweet enough on their own). This is an easy recipe that you can whip up in no time at all, so if you’re a frosty fan, this is definitely a must-try. Really the worst that happens is that you have a delicious chocolate shake that almost tastes like a frosty, so you have nothing to lose. Check it out.