If You Make This Mint Julep You Will Probably Die


With the annual running of the roses coming up, it’s important to know how to make a Mint Julep.

You can make a mint julep any time of year, but people seem to really love them more on the first Saturday in May when the Kentucky Derby takes place at Churchhill Downs. Typically, a mint juley consists of mint, simple syrup, and Kentucky bourbon.

The following recipe calls for double or triple everything and the totally wrong preparation. If you follow this particular recipe step-by-step, you might die. I can’t be certain, but you might.

First, this lady doesn’t know a lot. She describes bourbon as a “Southern-type” drink and then says a mint julep isn’t quite a mojito. Ummm, okay.

Next, she says to use a lot of mint and proceeds to fill the glass full of mint leaves like it’s a damn salad. No one puts sugar cubes in a mint julep.

The real fun starts when baby girl says that this recipe calls for two ounces of bourbon. She then poured half a bottle of bourbon into the cup. It’s the most bourbon I’ve ever seen in a cup in my life. It’s basically bourbon, a ton of sugar and a ton of mint. There’s also a lot of spillage. A lot.

Just. Look. At. This.