This Baby Had A Religious Experience When She Tried Pizza For The First Time


Pizza makes everything seem right, even if you are on a diet. When you bite into that cheesy, carb-filled goodness, you just know that this is how you were meant to live. Forget counting carbs. Forget the day’s troubles. You have pizza. But, if you can, imagine what it was like to eat pizza for the first time. Imagine the joy, the hope, the assurance. If you are struggling to remember your first slice, may I introduce you to the newest pizza eater in the world– a toddler who had a religious experience when she ate pizza and, subsequently, had a religious experience.

Twitter user Jody Avirgan snapped a perfect picture of his daughter after she took her first bite of pizza. Her hands raised, eyes closed. That’s just good parenting.

It’s just bread, cheese, meat, and sauce. But thin about it. That is the perfect recipe for any food. I will eat just about anything with bread, cheese, meat, and sauce. It’s perfect. It’s divine.

So forget your healthy resolution. Get that pizza feeling.