Brantley Gilbert Steps Up With “I Believe In Heroism” Campaign


Most of the talk around Brantley Gilbert’s May 4th show will be about how unusual it is for him to be playing with a symphony orchestra. But Gilbert is trying to shift that conversation away from himself and onto James Shaw Jr., the man who risked his life to save dozens of people during a shooting at Waffle House last week.

“When you see someone like James, who just jumped up and did what he did – and you think about the lives he saved, you realize what a special kind of guy he is,” Gilbert says.

Shaw doesn’t like being called a hero, but continues to give and serve those whom he saved in that Waffle House. He recently started a GoFundMe page to support the families and victims of the shooting, a fundraiser that Gilbert and the I Believe in Nashville coalition will be supporting on May 4th.

“I called my manager, Rich Egan, who heads up the I Believe In Nashville coalition, and asked if there was any way we could do something that would shine a light and remind everyone that heroes can be real-life people. We came up with the idea of creating ‘I Believe in Heroism’ t-shirts that we will sell at our May 4th Nashville show and give the proceeds to James.”

The t-shirts reflect the iconic I Believe artwork painted on walls around Nashville, but instead of Tennessee’s three stars, the t-shirt will feature Shaw’s hand, which was severely burnt when he grabbed the hot barrel of the shooter’s AR-15.

“Bad people do bad things,” Gilbert offers. “But good people can do great things. Talking to James before we got up here, he said he’s not a superhero, he’s just a regular person. But I think there has to be some hero inside, that’s where that kind of bravery comes from.”