Colorado Residents Come Together to Assemble Bikes for Some Kids Who Needed Them the Most


Memories of one’s childhood often includes a treasured bike.

Because when you are young and carefree, a bike offers freedom and joy and a time when one can feel the wind take away anything on one’s mind. But for far too many children in this country, there is no bike waiting for them at home.

Take the forty-three first graders in Colorado who just received a free bicycle courtesy of Can’d Aid and The Braly Family Foundation, bicycles that were assembled by a long list of volunteers focused on giving these kids a physical and mental outlet through bicycling.

“My first feeling of freedom as a kid that I can remember is getting on my bike and riding away from my family without training wheels,” said Mike Murfitt, an ambassador for Can’d Aid. “Being able to give a kid that experience is pretty unique.”

“COVID has forced so many students to go on screens, and if you’re in your home, hopefully this provides an outlet for energy,” added Toni Pickett, a representative for the Braly Family Foundation. “I think it’s great to be to give them an opportunity to learn something that they can do for life”

The program called Treads + Trails also works to get kids off their screen and onto the open paths throughout their state. According to CDC data, the average eight- to 10-year-old spends an average of 7.5 hours in front of a screen every single day.

But not anymore.