Five Ways You Can Help the People of Ukraine Today


If you happen to have a beating heart, chances are that you have felt somewhat helpless as of late as you have watched tragedy after tragedy unfold in Ukraine. Indeed, with each passing day, the situation that began in February seems to get more and more dire. 

However, there is something you can do.

In fact, many are finding comfort in knowing that no matter how many miles may separate us, there are ways in which Ukraine can feel our collective love. Here are some:

  • Doctors Without Borders – Since its inception in 1971, Doctors Without Borders have provided medical care during humanitarian crises like the one currently occurring in Ukraine. Currently, there is a dire need to ensure that Ukrainian residents have access to health care and medicines, and your donation can help in that cause. For more information, check out


  • UNICEF – The humanitarian organization is currently accepting donations to supports its work across eastern Ukraine as they strive to deliver emergency programs to children and families currently struggling. These programs can include everything from the delivery of safe water to providing health supplies to those who need it the most. For more information, check out


  • Save the Children – Amongst all the ways in which war create havoc on the world, it is what it does to the children that might be the most heartbreaking. This non-profit is dedicated to help those children facing Russian’s invasion of Ukraine with common necessities such food, shelter and more. For more information, please visit


  • The Shop Forward – Let the world see your concern for the people of Ukraine with the purchase from a special line of apparel created by The Shop Forward. With each purpose of their ‘Heart for Ukraine’ apparel, money will go toward organizations which provide humanitarian emergency relief. To get shopping, please visit


  • Ozark Cabin Giveaway – From afar, this looks like a giveaway for a secluded Ozark cabin out in the woods. But it’s so much more. In fact, One Country’s Ozark Cabin Giveaway is currently partnering with the Global Giving Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund through the month of March to help provide shelter, food, and clean water to Ukrainian refugees. For more information, please visit