Meet the Senior Citizens Keeping Things Hot by Volunteering at Their Local Fire Department


If anyone knows how to keep the spark going after nearly 38 years of marriage, it is Pennsylvania residents John and Kathi Monastero.

And it might not be the way you might think.

As longtime volunteers at the Norriton Fire Engine Company, the husband and wife have long found delight in serving their community in a way many would never even think of. Currently, Kathi Monastero serves as a safety officer, and has done so for the past 20 years, while John Monastero works as the Assistant Chief Engineer at the close-knit fire station.

“When you do things together, it makes you even closer,” said John Monastero, who was joined by his wife at the fire station once their kids moved out of the house. “Sometimes I think she is the reason that keeps me volunteering.”

What makes this story even more sweet is the fact that the two originally met at the fire department, with John Monastero soon coming to her rescue after a minor traffic accident. “Long story short, he was my knight in shining armor,” Kathi Monastero said.

And he still is.

Volunteering at one’s local fire station might not be what first comes to mind, but there are ways that people of all ages can help, either by getting the training to become an actual firefighter, or just serving as an administrative worker, answering phones calls, and ensuring one’s station runs smoothly.

At the same time, chances are that the mere act of volunteering together will bring you closer to those you love the most.