Meet One Country Give’s $1000 Prize Winner Shelby S.

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Congratulations to Shelby S. from Tulsa, Oklahoma, One Country Give’s lucky winner of the $1,000 cash prize. Shelby was ecstatic when we called her up to share the good news.

“The impact of donating has helped us be more cognizant of the issue of hunger in children across the US. We plan on using a portion of the generous prize to make a small impact on our local community,” Shelby said. “The rest will most likely go towards paying back student loans!”

Shelby became a One Country Give monthly subscriber to help fight childhood hunger. Her good deed for others turned out to be a good reward for herself.

Through One Country Give, we are working to end childhood hunger in the United States. To do so, we’ve teamed up with Numana, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that serves the hungry, and together we’re focusing on the childhood hunger epidemic right in our own backyard.

You too can have a chance to win $1,000 WEEKLY in cash, plus $1 million ranch and other amazing giveaways, when you subscribe monthly to One Country Give.

Shelby Strange winner one country give cash prize

Here’s how to enter:

If you want to better your odds while making a more lasting impact in the fight to eradicate childhood hunger in America, you can join our monthly donor team.

When you become a monthly donor, you receive automatic entry into ALL of our giveaways, every single month— including all of the big giveaways we have to come. For as little as $5/month, you get double the entries into each of our giveaways every month, including the $1,000 cash prize we are giving away each week.

From there, all you have to do is sit back, relax and wait for us to reveal our next big winner, all while knowing you’ve made a genuine contribution to a great cause.

To get started, you can check out our current giveaways here— and thanks for being a part of One Country!

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