Rory Feek’s New Book Gives Hope, Telling How He Learned To Live Again After His Wife’s Death


Rory Feek has endured unbearable tragedy in recent years. After the death of his wife and former music partner, Joey, Feek was left to raise their young daughter alone. As she learned to walk, so also he learned how to live in a new world without his wife.

Feek has put his experience down in his new book, Once Upon A Farm, a reflection of how God has brought both he and his daughter through tragedy and is continuing to lead them.

“Last year, when I wrote the last chapter of our love story, I had to start a new one. On with just the baby and I,” Feek says in a somber tone as images of his farm pass us by. “I’ve come to realize that while my wife, Joey, had a gift for homesteading, what I’m probably best at is life-steading – growing love, life, and hope wherever you are planted.”

“Life is so strange, where one story ended, another began. This is not a ‘How To’ book. It is a how we, or how He, God, has worked in our hearts and is continuing to work in our lives now.”

Once Upon A Farm is currently available for presale on Amazon, and will be released June 19.