When A Young Wife Lost Her Husband in Afghanistan, Folds of Honor Stepped In


“I’m so sorry. John’s not coming home,” are the words no military spouse ever wants to hear.

Captain John Hallett was 30 years old when he gave his life in service to his country. He and his wife Lisa had two children under the age of 3 and were expecting their third child when John’s Stryker brigade unit was deployed to southern Afghanistan during the summer of 2009.

Lisa and John knew the risk and the sacrifice of his deployment and he prepared to leave his wife and children for a year. The only time Lisa Hallett ever saw her husband cry was the night before he left as he held his boys, read them a bedtime story and said, “You know, I love you so much.”

On August 25, 2009, after delivering medicine to a village in southern Afghanistan suffering from an outbreak of cholera, the vehicle Hallett was traveling in was struck by a roadside bomb. Hallett and three other soldiers died, leaving families behind to continue without them.

Of the million-plus American military dependents adversely affected by deployments, nine out of 10 do not qualify for federal assistance. This is where Folds of Honor steps in. The organization, founded in 2007 by F-16 fighter pilot and PGA pro, Major Dan Rooney, honors the sacrifice of fallen or disabled soldiers by providing scholarships to families in need.

The Folds of Honor scholarships help to ensure that, despite the challenges they face, John and Lisa’s kids will be set up for academic success. Knowing her children will have every academic advantage comforts the young widow.

“Folds of Honor has helped remove some of the anxiety of parenting kids, when it comes to academics, off the plate,” Lisa Hallett said. With scholarship funds, she will be able to send her children to a small private Catholic school. “By being engaged in the Folds of Honor children’s fund, we’re able to be a part of a community that can really support my family.

Since their inception, the organization has awarded more than 10,000 K-23 and higher education scholarships to deserving military families.

According to Lisa Hallett, Folds of Honor is saying, “I got your back, Lisa. I’m going to help you provide for your children, so that even though they don’t have their dad, they’re going to have an academic foundation that’s going to set them up for success.”

Everyday American is proudly presented by Redneck Riviera, in celebration of the men and women who get out there every day to make this country great. To learn more about Folds of Honor’s mission, and how your modest financial contribution can support military families through the #BecomeAWingman campaign, please visit the Folds of Honor.