10 Drinks Real Men Shouldn’t Order in Bars


Dudes, I know there are a lot of drinks out there that taste delicious, but if they are handed to you in a girly glass, turn your tongue pink, or have the word “light” or “tini” in the name, it’s off limits. I don’t mean you should never sip these drinks, but when you’re at a bar you’ve got to keep your head and that girly drink with an umbrella just doesn’t say “I’m a tough guy.” So save the appletini for home and stick to the manly drinks at the bar.

Here are 10 Drinks Real Men Shouldn’t Order in Bars

1. Hard Lemonade

Hard lemonade will make you look like a softy.

2. Apple-Tini

The knock-off version of a martini is a no-no for men to order. The ladies love these because they taste delicious and pack a punch. I know you want one too, but there is no way to look like a man with one of these in your hand.

3. Frozen Daiquiri

It’s fruity, it’s frozen, it’s served in a pretty glass and it turns your tongue pink. End of discussion. Don’t even think about it.

4. Sea Breeze

If you just really have to have a vodka/juice drink, opt for the Screwdriver. You won’t look like a man holding it, but at least you won’t sound like a girl ordering it.


5. Cosmopolitan

This has always been a ladies drink because it shares a name with the most feminine magazine. And if there was ever any question about whether it was acceptable for men to order this drink, Sex and the Cityanswered it. Run away screaming.

6. Light Beer

This is fine to keep in your fridge at home when you are throwing back a pack of beer while you watch a game with the boys, but when you are at a bar, get yourself a real beer.

7. Lemon Drop

This is a martini, so that’s your first clue. Second, the vodka is mixed with lemonade and sugar to mask the taste of the liquor. You’re a real man, you can handle a straight shot of vodka.

8. Pina Colada

Save this one for the beach. You won’t seem as feminine holding this drink in swim shorts with your toes in the sand, but at a bar, it just doesn’t fit your manly vibes.

9. Sex on the Beach

Definitely save this one for the beach. Or just avoid it in general, along with any other drink where it’s more about the name than the drink itself. This includes, but is not limited to, Alligator Sperm, Buttery Nipple and Gorilla Fart. These drinks are only for girls who just turned 21.

10. Malibu Cocktail

This is one of those that comes with the umbrella and there is just something unsettling about a man saying the word “cocktail” at a bar.

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