10 Easy to Grow Houseplants

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If you are reading this, you probably have a hard time keeping plants alive. You know that plants look nice and improve the air quality of your home, but you just can’t find one that will live with you. Cacti would rather live in a desert than your living room. But do not fret, my black-thumbed friend, I have come to help you.

You need a plant that is tough, independent, and sometimes prefers to be forgotten like Batman or John Wayne.

10 Easy to Grow Houseplants:

1. Aloe


Yes, it is the same aloe you put on a sunburn. It is also a great house plant that doesn’t need a lot of water. It is a succulent: a desert plant that loves sun and doesn’t mind being dry. When you water it, let all the excess water run out of the pot. Standing water will give succulents root rot.

2. Echeveria


A colorful succulent that will bloom under the right conditions. This guy needs constant light, so only get it if you have a very sunny room. It likes a little more water than the aloe, but not a lot. You can “read” it’s needs: if the leaves get brown and dry it needs water; if the leaves are bloated and yellowish you have given it too much water.

3. Dracaena aka “Dragon Tree”

This is great if you are looking for something larger to fill floorspace. Dracaena need three things: warmth, dryness, and consistent light.

4. Kalanchoe aka “Window-thrill”


Easy and colorful. This succulent has colorful leaves and blooms and doesn’t need to be watered frequently. When you do get around to watering it, water it deeply. It is finicky about it’s light needs- too much sun will burn the tips of the leaves- so put it in indirect sunlight.

5. Jade aka “Lucky Plant” or “Money Tree”


Jade is the rabbit’s foot of the plant world. In Asia, they are even given as wedding gifts. If you want to keep luck alive, put the Jade in full sunlight and water whenever the top inch of soil is dry

6. Boston Fern


Ferns grown in swampy forests so they can handle being in darker places. They aren’t flashy, but they can bring a lush look into your office or home. Give them need a cool space, indirect light, and plenty of water.

7. Split Leaf Philodendron

Another tropical plant, which means it needs sun and warmth. It has a spreading, upright habit and need plenty of space to grow. You can also find vine, philodendron, “heart leaf” is a great one that you can put in a hanging pot. For both varieties, let the top inch of soil dry before watering.

8. Bromeliad


The Bromeliad is the showy cousin of the pineapple, but is not demanding to care for. Simply fill the cup at the base of the leaves with water and make sure it gets plenty of light. It flowers towards the end of its life so, you know, pros and cons.

9. English Ivy

This is a great office plant. It doesn’t need a lot of light to survive but does need to be kept moist and cool. The ivy will climb if you let it and looks great in a hanging pot.

10. Sansevieria aka “Snake Plant” or “Mother in Law’s Tongue”


As pointed as your MIL’s tongue and just as stubborn. But unlike your mother-in-law, it is happy with being ignored for prolonged periods of time. If you keep it in bright, indirect light and water whenever the topsoil feels dry it will love you forever.

If you have a pet, make sure that your plant of choice is not toxic to them. The ASPCA has provided a handy list for cats and dogs.