10 People With Whom We’d Like to Day Drink

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There’s always the question in interviews, “If you could have dinner with anyone, who would it be and why?”  We think that question is fine if you are trying to impress people, but a better question for those of us who are looking for a day of letting loose and killing time is, “If you could day drink With anyone, who would it be and why?”

10 People With Whom We’d Like to Day Drink:

Taylor Swift: She’s adorable, down-to-earth, and loves her fans. There would likely be impromptu dance parties, as tends to happen when enough day drinking occurs, and she surely has plenty of good stories to tell that she hasn’t written a song about yet.

Thomas Rhett: He’s a doll baby and has a sense of humor. That’s good combination for day drinking fun.

Jason Aldean: This guy knows how to have a good time. He also may challenge to a shot-taking contest. Do yourself a favor and decline. You know he’ll win.

Little Big Town: We have to invite them! They have a whole song about the gratifying aspects of day drinking. Obviously, they know what they are doing.

Carrie Underwood: She just had a baby so she probably isn’t drinking much right now. That’s OK, because we love looking at cute baby pics. And we’ll need a DD. Think we can all fit in her car?

Kelly Clarkson: She doesn’t care what anyone thinks, and will not give you Judgement Face if you decide to have another margarita with lunch; in fact, she’ll probably have one with you, because no one should drink alone.

Jake Owen: He may not perform the song with “day drinking” in the title, but he does allude to it quite a bit in “Beachin’.” If Jake Owen joins your day drinking party, you know “whatever happens, happens” will be fun.

Florida Georgia Line: We can’t leave these guys out. They look like they know how to make a good drink. And if they and Jake Owen show up, there will be a whole lotta gun shows considering their affinities for tank tops in their videos about day drinking.

Miranda Lambert: You can just look at her and tell she’s fun, and the first rule of day drinking is: only invite fun people.

Darius Rucker: He and his Hootie and the Blowfish bandmates have their own beer, and they started out playing college parties. You know they know how they know how to elevate the level of  day drinking fun from amateur to professional.

Image Source: BigStock