10 Things Southerners Love to Use as Home Décor

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If there’s anything Southerners love more than the South or their college football team, it’s incorporating personal (Southern) touches into their home decor.

Here are 10 things Southerners love to use as home decor: 

College Football Memorabilia

Football is synonymous with southern living, and we Southerners love to decorate with autographed footballs, jerseys or hats from the coach, quarterback or receiver of our favorite college team. Move that old family picture off the mantel and replace it with your Peyton Manning autographed football that you got when he played at the University of Tennessee.

Photos of Beloved Buildings

We love our photographs of the places in our life that are most important – the sorority house, family homestead, or football stadium, to name a few. Personally, I love seeing photos of the Donald W. Reynolds stadium in Fayetteville, Arkansas. It just beckons me to stand up and call those hogs!


Whether it’s antlers, turkeys, or gator heads – taxidermy is great for the living room, the Man cave, or the cabin in the woods. My parents have a gator head that all the grand kids are always dying to get their hands on. We have to keep that sucker up high cause he may be dead, but he still has sharp teeth. Taxidermy makes for great conversation pieces because you can be sure that each one has a story. Just remember – before you ask – check your watch. Southern men are known to get long-winded telling hunting and fishing stories.

The Flag and All Things Patriotic

There really isn’t a bad place in the house to put a flag on display, though the front porch seems to be the most logical place to hang one high and proud. My parents have a whole bathroom devoted to the good ole US of A. And, if your lucky enough to be an elite member of The Daughters of the American Revolution then display that wherever you entertain guests, that way you will have a good reason to tell them about how you’re a descendent of Martha Washington or “Cousin Martha” as you like to call her.

Old Things That Used to Work

Most of us Southerners have a rural history and fondly remember the good ole days on our parents’ or grandparents’ farm. Naturally, we decorate with the pieces of the past – wagon wheels, farm tools, bread kneading bowls, old windows, pieces of the family farmhouse made into furniture, and antique sewing machines. These are all great pieces that remind us of yesteryear.

Grandma’s Crochet or Cross-stitched Sayings

Grandma’s got crochet blankets for every holiday. Don’t forget to pull it out when you know she’s coming to visit, and we Southerners love our cross-stitched sayings.

Both my mom and my mother-in-law offered us a cross-stitching for our baby boy’s nursery with a poem called “Babies Don’t Keep” with it’s refrain: “So quiet down cobwebs; Dust go to sleep! I’m rocking my baby and babies don’t keep.”

Portraits of Beloved Horses of Days Past

You can’t go wrong decorating your hallways and living rooms with paintings of regal horses grazing in front of grand plantations, and if my visit to the Belle Meade Plantation in Nashville taught me anything it’s that Southerners love their horses almost as much as their family. Yes, we must never forget “Dixie Belle” the family horse that almost won a Triple Crown. His portrait deserves to be displayed prominently in the dining room.


Southerners love signs with Southern sayings, family rules, or really anything that welcomes or encourages friends to come back. “Welcome to (insert Man Cave, Lake, Cabin, or Beach House),” “Welcome Y’all,” and “Y”all Come Back Now, Ya Here?”

Old Guns and Weapons

The older the better when it comes to guns and weapons. Southern men love to show off their gun collection of Civil or Revolutionary War muskets. If you have a billiard room, it’s only appropriate to display them there, otherwise the study or living room work just as well.

Fine China and Silver

Southern men have their guns, and the southern women have their china and silver. If it’s handed down from previous generations then it’s certainly a prized possession. Show it off in a glass china cabinet or hutch, but by all means, don’t just store it away. Pull it out to decorate the dining table for Sunday meals, birthdays, graduations, and other milestones.

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