10 Ways to Bless Your Wedding Guests


Yes, your wedding day is about you, but it’s also about your guests. People come in from all over the place to celebrate with you on your wedding day and that requires time, money, and energy.

So, as a “thank you” for those in attendance on your big day, do your best to bless your guests and let them know you appreciate them coming out to celebrate with you.

10 Ways to Bless Your Wedding Guests:

1. Out of Town Guests

Provide your out of town guests with a list of things to do, sites to see, or restaurants to visit while they are in town. Don’t leave your guests to rely on Yelp! for their adventure of your territory.

This is a thoughtful gesture that will give those who traveled long and far something to do until the wedding festivities begin.



2. Out of Town Guests

Room block in a hotel. It’s also a nice gesture to let your guests know where they should stay. If you communicate ahead of time with different hotels, they can hold a section of the hotel for your guests. By doing this, you’re saving your guests one less thing to tackle.

3. Out of Town Guests

Goodie baskets. Nothing says “Welcome!” like a personalized goodie basket in your guest’s hotel room. This doesn’t have to be anything extravagant, but a little box with water, or cookies, or a local treat adds a personal touch and lets your guests know that you are excited they made the trip to be at your wedding.



4. Park Here

If you are getting married in a city or somewhere where parking is limited, let your guests know ahead of time where they should park. If people are traveling in from out of town, they won’t know where to park and they certainly don’t want to be late because they were hunting for a parking spot. Save them the trouble and let them know ahead of time, or provide signs to direct them.

5. Cocktail Hour

This is a way for you to buy time between the ceremony and the reception. Offering a cocktail hour, or allowing your guests to start eating right when they get to the reception, is a way to keep them from waiting around until you get there. You don’t want to be rushed and you don’t want them to get bored waiting. This is the perfect compromise.

Want to have a welcome beverage?! Try these!

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6. Diversify the Reception Playlist

You’ll likely have guests from all age groups. Be sure to mix up your playlist so that everyone feels free to dance. If you only play modern music, some of the older guests may feel like they can’t hang. If you only play old school music, you may lose some of your younger guests. If you mix it up, you’ll keep everyone happy.

7. Include the Attire on the Invitation

It would be ideal if people could accurately interpret your invitation and plan to dress accordingly. However, with all the weddings in cow pastures and barns these days, some of your young guests will think they can pull off nice jeans or a sundress and flats. Maybe they can, too. But if you are planning to have a fancier wedding and don’t want to see guests show up in jeans or khakis, put “black tie optional” on your invitation. There is nothing more embarrassing than showing up to a wedding underdressed. This little detail will save your guests some embarrassment.

Going to a #blacktieoptional event? This infographic is here to help!

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8. Talk to Everyone You Can

If you need to, have someone set food aside for you and your groom so that you can eat before or after the reception. While you’re in there and everyone is sitting or standing around, be intentional to greet as many people as you can. Thank them for coming and move along to the next group. This might seem inconvenient, but if people have traveled to celebrate you on your wedding day, the least you can do is acknowledge that they are there by saying “hello.”

9. Provide Fans and Water

If you are getting married outside in the summer, offer fans and water for your guests. Put these on their chairs or somewhere visible as they walk to their seats, but don’t leave your guests out to bake in the sun while they wait for you to make your debut. It is so hot in the summer months. Water and fans will let your guests know that you’re aware that it’s hot and you want to keep them comfortable.



10. Smile and Have Fun

Your guests love you and want to see you happy. If you appear stressed or exhausted, they might become concerned and quit enjoying themselves. It’s your wedding day. Smile and have fun! If the ceiling is caving in, keep a smile on. Everyone loves to see a happy bride.

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