Kids Try 100 Years of Bagged Lunches And Prove School Lunches Have Never Been Very Good

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There was always a hierarchy of food around the school lunch table based on who got the best dessert and sides. Some of it was trendy, some healthy, and some of whatever leftovers our Moms could throw together before hustling out the front door. Mostly it was good, but rarely what we would have chosen to eat. Apparently, it has always been that way. Somehow, Bon Appetit convinced a bunch of kids to try popular bagged lunches from the past 100 years and the results were very mixed.

Spam sandwiches, two decades of coffee, random vegetables– kids have never enjoyed that stuff.

Overall, the big winners were the 1980’s and 1990’s, when kids got Pepsi, chips, pizza, and Twinkies.

Shoutout to all my 90’s kids, eatin’ good and living large. That was the golden age of lunches, when you could trade desserts for slap bracelets. Kids today will never know.