11 Pictures of Swoon-Worthy Christmas Decor Every Southern Girl Will Love


When it comes to decorating your house for Christmas (or any holiday for that matter), I firmly believe that southern women do it best. From throwing in the perfect amount of rustic touches to making the entire house feel (and smell) like it’s straight from a postcard, southern Christmas decor is truly the best Christmas decor.

With what I’d argue is inspiration directly from Joanna Gaines herself, people are ditching the bright, neon Christmas decorations this year for neutral earth tones and vintage accents to create a beautiful, timeless Christmas settings. And in true southern lady fashion, there’s lots of antlers, too.

I should warn you: Looking at these photos has a 95% chance of making you want to run to the store to grab more Christmas decor. Speaking of, if anyone needs me for the next hour, I’ll be at Hobby Lobby.

11 Pictures of Swoon-Worthy Christmas Decor Every Southern Girl Will Love:


Where can I sign up to watch Christmas movies on that couch for 12 hours straight?


I love the use of the old window pane on the mantle along with the vintage ladder propped up beside the fireplace. And of course, the letter board!


If anyone happens to have a ton of antlers lying around…(plus, you wouldn’t have to water it!)


I mean, seriously?? So. Beautiful.


I can hardly handle that sweet pup by the tree, either!


When I say “more,” you say “antlers!”


Can we also get a tutorial on that book page wall, because WOW!


I mean, if this picture doesn’t melt your heart, nothing will.

If this doesn’t put you into the holiday spirit, I don’t know what will. To help inspire you to decorate your own space, whip up a batch of hot spiced wine, put on some cheesy Christmas movies, and have yourself a happy, happy holiday!