11 Mustaches Men Should Consider This Movember

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By now you’ve all read about the month-long event known as Movember, which helps bring attention to important men’s health issues like prostate and testosterone cancer.  If you decide to participate — and you should — how do you know which mustache is best for you? Below is a list to prepare you to look your best.

11 Mustaches Men Should Consider This Movember:

1. The Horseshoe

As seen on: Hulk Hogan, Joe Namath, John Travolta, Aaron Rodgers, Paul Teutul, Sr.

This mustache is can be seen as the ultimate sign of masculinity and is regularly seen on everyone from Hollywood actors, NFL players, rock stars, and testosterone-driven pro-wrestlers. The main objective of this style is to get your mustache as thick and full as possible, and allow the hairs to run down past your mouth and hit your jawline. It’s basically a bald-chin goatee.

2. The Chevron

As seen on: Tom Selleck, Freddie Mercury

They say the classics die and the Chevron is living proof. Though this style hit its peak in the ’70s and ’80s — the truth is that the Chevron is what any true mustache aficionado strives for. It’s bold and firm without being too daring or difficult to groom.

3. The Handlebar

As seen on: Rollie Fingers, William Howard Taft, Joseph Stalin, Franz Ferdinand, The Monopoly Man, The Pringles Man

If you ever feel the urge to look like an 18th-century politician, this mustache is for you. Just remember, this style requires lots (I mean lots) of maintenance. It requires the wearer to constantly wax the sides of the mustache and curl them upwards — so curl carefully.

4. The Western Walrus

As seen on: Teddy Roosevelt, Wilford Brimley, Friedrich Nietzsche, Sam Elliot, Albert Einstein, Wyatt Earp

The strategy  for this mustache is simple — keep growing your mustache until your mouth is completely eclipsed by hairy excellence. It does, however, require some patience to get the proper length and many-a-men end up abandoning this style for Movember. If you do attempt, be cautious — this mustache can easily eat your face. 



5. The Pencil-Thin

As seen on: Clark Gable, Errol Flynn, John Waters, Eddie Murphy, Zorro, Martin Luther King Jr.

Made famous during Hollywood’s golden-age, this mustache is exclusively geared towards the martini crowd that likes their drinks as prim-and-proper as their facial hair.

6. The Paintbrush or  Push-broom

As seen on:  Ron Swanson, Ron Burgundy, Walter Cronkite, Sherlock Holmes, Super Mario

Though it might look like the Chevron, there are a few differences that set it apart. First, it never extends past the mouth. Secondly, this mustache is always neatly trimmed so it never dips below the top of the upper lip.  If you are able to pull it off, it’s a never-ending style that blends the masculinity of the Chevron with the precision of the Pencil Thin.

7. The Dali

As seen on: Salvador Dali

There is really only one man brave enough — or eccentric enough — to make this mustache work. I’m only being honest when I say it isn’t as much a mustache as it is an experience.

8. The English

As seen on: Vincent Price, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Typically narrow near the upper lip, this mustache consists of long whiskers that are pulled to the side and curled slightly upwards.  It originates from Britain (hence the name) where it gained popularity in early 1900s among its military men. While the style may not be as popular today as it was a century ago, those who embrace a vintage lifestyle are seeking its comeback.


9. The Fu Manchu

As seen on:  Dr. Fu Manchu, Genghis Khan, Ming the Merciless, Pai Mei

The main objective here is to grow out the sides of your mustache until they become long enough to flow freely below your chin.  Though none may admit it, I hear that the ladies love this one.

10. The Hungarian

As seen on:  Kaiser Wilhelm II, Árpád

This style of mustache garners huge accolades from the mustache community. Simply grow your mustache to the corners of your lip, never trim, and brush it upwards. It’s a lot of look that looks a little ridiculous.

11. The After Eight

As seen on: Ryan Gosling, Pharell

If you aren’t the burly man-bear type, go for the subtle After Eight. This ‘barely-there shadow’ lets anyone join the mustache community despite the incompleteness of the scruff area.

Image Source: BigStock