12 Foods You Must Have on Your Thanksgiving Table


Thanksgiving day is one of the best days of the year– you can wear pants with elastic, watch football and eat “healthy” vegetables like sweet potatoes that are turned into soufflés topped with marshmallows and green beans that are turned into casseroles filled with creamy sauces.

There are a few things that are essential to enjoy Thanksgiving day like it’s meant to be enjoyed: be grateful, watch the Dallas Cowboys play football and eat. Eat all the food you can. And yes, there are certain foods you must have on your table to get the most of the meal.

So, what 12 foods are on the menu in homes for Thanksgiving?

1. Turkey, of course.

They can be hunted in our woods during the season or purchased from the local grocery store.

2. Gravy.

Honestly, I think gravy is important if your turkey meat turns out drier than wood.

3. Country Ham.

Some people (like me) can’t stomach turkey, so it is good to have a second meat alternative.

4. Dressing or stuffing.

Ask anybody and they will say their mom’s and grandma’s is the best. If you don’t believe me, just ask around.

5. Cranberry Sauce.

In my house, I thought cranberry sauce was circular with lines cut into the sides. Yep, our came straight out the can. Fancy folks make their own.

6. Butter beans, or sometimes better known as lima beans.

These are a must at any true Southern dinner. Make sure you have beans that are seasoned with ham meat and ham hock and lots of liquor for the rice.

7. Green bean casserole, you know the one.

If it doesn’t have crunchy onions on top, don’t eat it. Don’t even look at it!

8. Macaroni Pie.

Trisha Yearwood has an awesome recipe for crockpot macaroni that my daughter and I love to fix all the time. It is filled with cheesy goodness. Guests will love it. Just Google “Trisha Yearwood Crockpot Macaroni.”

9. Sweet Potato Pie or soufflé.

Remember this counts as a vegetable!

10. Rice.

What? Yes.

A big old steamer filled with nice, fluffy rice. I heard that Yankees eat mashed potatoes instead of rice, so if you are hosting anyone above the Mason-Dixon line, you might want to include mashed potatoes to your menu.

11. Dessert.

There are usually multiple desserts served at Southerner’s Thanksgiving dinners. Pecan pie, coconut cake, caramel cake, and chocolate delight are just a few of my family favorites.

12. Sweet Tea.

How else did you see this ending? There is nothing better in the world to wash down all this delightful dinner than sweet tea.

Dig in, and enjoy the day with those you love!

And if you can’t enjoy those that you’re thankful for, pour a drink!