12 Things Only Extremely Frugal People Do

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I think of myself as a fairly frugal person. I like getting good deals, buying things on sale, and getting nice hand-me-downs for my kids.

But, compared to some people, I’m just barely scratching the surface of frugality.

12 Things Only Extremely Frugal People Do:

1. They don’t waste anything.

Extremely frugal people dilute their shampoo and conditioner to make it last longer. They save every last crumb of cereal, chips, or crackers. They’d never even consider throwing away the end pieces of bread loaves. They meal plan in a way that leaves no room for waste, and, of course, everyone in the family is required to eat leftovers.

2. The use savings Apps.

They using savings apps like Ibotta, Walmart Savings Catcher, RetailMeNot, Shopkick, SnipSnap, Groupon, GasBuddy and more. These apps are easy to use and can save lots of money.

3. They repurpose and reuse “throw away” items.

There are hundreds of items around your home that can be repurposed or reused – things like plastic cutlery, plastic bags, tin cans, and even plastic water bottles, which can all be washed out and reused again. Extremely frugal people love to repurpose and reuse items the rest of us simply throw away.

4. They stalk the clearance section or use coupons.

Extremely frugal people refuse to buy anything at full price. They love a good sale and don’t mind stalking the clearance section of stores for good deals. They also don’t mind waiting and coming back later to see if something they want has hit its lowest price. They also know a thing or two about couponing and practically steal from stores by working their coupon magic.

5. They stock up.

When a frugal people find a great deal, they stock up on items that they know they will use again. Their garages, basements, and attics are often lined with items that they bought at extremely low prices.

6. They buy second-hand items.

These people actually prefer buying second-hand items. They scour second-hand stores, Craigslist, and Facebook groups looking to score a deal on underpriced items.

7. They love DIYs.

They love to make homemade items that will help save them money in the long run – things like homemade laundry detergent, homemade shower cleaner, homemade baby wipes or even homemade foods like oatmeal or applesauce.

8. They haggle and ask for discounts.

They haggle at garage sales or when buying any high-priced items and they aren’t afraid to walk away if they can’t get to a price point that they like. They also buy scratched and dented appliances or shop at places that price match.

9. They do their research.

They know a good deal when they see one because they do their research, comparing prices online and waiting for just the right moment to buy the item.

10. They don’t pay for services that they can do themselves.

They change their own oil, do their own lawn care, and the really brave ones do their own haircuts or kids’ haircuts. They save hundreds of dollars every year simply by learning to do things on their own.

11. They love freebies.

Extremely frugal people always keep their eye out for freebies. They take shower caps, shampoo, conditioner and soap from hotels. They sign up for samples and get free things like sample-size laundry detergent, toothpaste, pain relievers, makeup and other odds and ends.

12. They don’t buy what they don’t need.

Even if it’s a good deal, that doesn’t mean you need it. Frugal people only buy what they actually need and what they’ll actually use, otherwise it’s a waste of money, and if there’s anything extremely frugal people hate – it’s wasting money.