13 Gorgeous Gallery Walls That Will Inspire You To Make One Of Your Own

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Gallery walls are one of my favorite things ever. If you’ve never really heard of a “gallery wall” before, it’s just like it sounds– you take a bunch of pictures, frames and other hanging objects and put them on a wall in a gallery fashion. Some people like to make their gallery walls symmetrical while others (like me) prefer to make them more eclectic. Regardless, gallery walls are the perfect way to make use of a blank wall in your house.

13 Gorgeous Gallery Walls That Will Inspire You To Make One Of Your Own:


I love how this one stuck to a base color palette of pink, black, grey and white, but threw in some pops of green and blue to give it a more eclectic feel.


Okay can I just move in here?? Thanks.


Stairwells are the perfect spot for gallery walls!


This one is more eclectic with a mix of frames, letters and a letter board.


It doesn’t stop at frames, either! Find creative ways to hang up some of your favorite knick knacks and memorabilia.


I always struggle to find the perfect thing to go over the beds in our house, and a gallery wall of pictures and art is the perfect way to fill the space.


Gallery walls don’t have to be huge, either! (Also, check out that cute pup!)


This one’s a little more rustic, which I love!


There’s so much I love about this picture– the gallery wall being one of them, and the pig on a leash coming in a close second.


I love the mix of square and circle frames on this one!


Sticking to a singular color scheme on your gallery wall can give it a really elegant touch.


Again with the staircase! Hang up your favorite family pictures so every time you walk down your stairs, you take a trip down memory lane!


So chic! Also, can I please have that couch??